New Buzz in town : Live vocal conversations

The buzz that Clubhouse has created is phenomenal; with Elon musk dropping in for a chat, the app grew more widespread overnight.

No idea what Clubhouse is?

Think of it as an audio-chat social network; people can talk and share experiences, host sessions; the app lets you listen to other people’s live conversations from any part of the world. Isn’t this dope? No more awkward eye contact, video glitch.

The app is the one-stop networking solution in this virtual world. It’s challenging to build and nurture the relationship, but technology seals the barrier and brings us closer.
Your tribe defines you, so having an extensive network is essential and beneficial.

Learning from each other’s momentous failures and colossal mistakes in life and advocating for each other is a way to succeed.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg signed on to the new voice-chat-based invite-only social app Clubhouse for an interview. With more than 6 million people using the IOS app, as it is in private beta and currently invite-only, it became the 5th most popular social networking app.

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Astounding, isn’t it?

My screen time multiplied since I joined the app two weeks back, with excellent rooms happening every time; you don’t want to miss the possibility of connecting with folks universally. With authenticity, collaborations, guidance, people are building their brand through the app. It is fun navigating the spaces and finding your interest, the key to follow the right people so that you get the notification whenever they are hosting the room.

From practicing pitch for recruiters to discussions on AI and computers to casual coffee chat to even karaoke with strangers, it has been fantastic.

Last evening, I heard that several folks got job offers by establishing connections through the Clubhouse. Paving the unconventional path without the career fair and consistent rejection mails, people are utilizing social media benefits.

Some room’s energy is so unprecedented that the moderator and audience dedicate more than 12 hours for a session, exchanging knowledge, with the illuminating conversation, time slips fast.
Marvelous, isn’t it?

Follow conversations about wellness, technology, relationships, and dozens of other rich veins for potential gossip, advice, and general discourse.

Yearning to hang out with friends during the coffee break to discuss stochastic issues, then hop into Clubhouse.

Each technological advancement has a liability affiliated with it, and people have mixed opinions regarding the Clubhouse. However, it is still the buzziest app.
With Facebook working on building the competitor app, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Clubhouse.



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